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Ghana In Search of Prosperity

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Ghana’s economic development journey has been a difficult one over the last 60 years of Independence. Sometimes it has been hopeful though clouded and unpredictable,and abject at other times. The 1960s and 1970s were regrettably, dominated by ideological fixation and military rule but the entire post-independence period has experienced varying degrees of inconsistent economic performance and a failure to integrate the economy into the growth engines of global economies and international trade. However, even more disparagingly, Ghana has witnessed poor governance in both its public and private sectors. 

More recently, however, the McKinsey Institute described Ghana as one of “TheLions on the Move” in 2010, whilst The Economist magazine considered it anattractive African economy for business and investment in its “Africa Rising”article in 2011.

Today, the resounding positivity about Ghana’s prospects dwell on thecombination of its human capital, natural wealth in mineral and hydrocarbonresources, a new political leadership, an emerging middle class and a maturingdemocracy. These together have made Ghana more relevant and significant onceagain. Policymakers and business executives must reflect on the on-goingchanges to the paradigm of prosperity in Ghana to unleash sustained economictransformation and prosperity. This is what the 2018 Roundtable will explore.

Join us at the fifth Ishmael Yamson & Associates’ Annual Business RoundTable on 30th May 2018 on the theme “Ghana, In Search of Prosperity.”

The Objectives 
The Ishmael Yamson & Associates’ Business Roundtable in 2018 will provide adiscussion platform for business executives, policy makers, and other keystakeholders: 
i- to understand the current and emerging issues and opportunities of Ghana’seconomy and the impact of these on the rate at which economic transformationcan be unleashed; and 
ii- to identify opportunities to drive national economic transformation,enterprise level growth and create widespread prosperity. 

The Speakers
The 2018 edition of the Ishmael Yamson & Associates’ Business Roundtablewill bring seasoned Speakers who will share thought-provoking ideas on theRoundtable theme.

The Plenary Presentations 
The Speakers and Roundtable discussions will address four topics as follows:
i- Good Corporate Governance, a Critical Imperative for Economic and BusinessGrowth;
ii- National and Enterprise Level Competitiveness as Drivers for CreatingProsperity; 
iii- Leveraging the Power and Potential of Ghana’s Human Capital to DriveGrowth; and 
iv- Social Mobility and Stability as Critical Vehicles for ExpandingOpportunities for Millennials

The Outcomes 
The Roundtable interactions will enable participants to explore novelapproaches to deliver strong and sustainable economic and enterpriseperformance, drawing on examples from the presenters. 

Participants will emerge with:
i- a shared commitment to implement policies and actions required to create aprosperous, well governed, competitive economy with real prospects for personalgrowth and career progression, 
ii- a clear definition of what is required to deliver prosperity at all levelsof the economy, and the roles policy-makers and Corporate Ghana must play todeliver aggressively the transformation the economy needs.

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