Investor Advisory Services

Our Support

As investors continue to explore opportunities in Ghana, the landscape for information,regulatory arrangements and start-up activities remain uneven and daunting in spite of the efforts of key stakeholders.

IY&A draws on a wealth of experience in operating and supporting businesses in Ghana to provide advice and active support to both local and foreign investors in the areas of:

1. Registration ( legal & regulatory) 2. Start-up operational set up 3. Recruitment of key personnel 4. Financing 5. Market analysis & business modelling 6. Go-to-market execution

Our Associate Consultants network enables IY&A to provide bespoke management services of the highest standard to any investor that we engage. IY&A is able to offer short and long term support depending on the business/investor need and industry dynamics to ensure the success of our clients and we are committed always to walk with you into a sustainable, profitable future.