Organization & Business Review

Our Approach

When businesses and organisations develop their strategy, a critical ingredient for achieving the desired strategic goals and outcomes is to align the organization to the strategy so that there is focus. It is possible to develop a great strategy and end up with “business-as-usual” because the core processes, the systems, and the organizational structure that should underpin the delivery of the strategy are not in alignment. Ishmael Yamson & Associates help businesses and organisations align their structures, people, values, and behaviours to their vision, strategies, and plans. We partner with them to design the right management systems and processes which support the delivery of their strategic and organisational goals.

Sometimes the strategy and the organization may be broadly aligned but the operational processes and systems may not be running as efficiently as could be. The business or organization may be experiencing slow, complex, bureaucratic, and expensive setups which disrupts productivity and undermine initiative. In this case we work with our clients to review their operations in order to streamline them for optimized efficiency and productivity gains.