Who We Are


Ishmael Yamson & Associates is a consulting firm that specializes in business and organizational transformation that is propelled by critical governance, strategic and operational frameworks, and leadership development. We believe in helping businesses and organisations unearth unique capabilities that would drive them to become market leaders and outstanding organisations

Our approach to transformation is based on an all-encompassing and time-tested “Vison-to-Value-Creation” model. Though the model cuts across all the key aspects of business and organizational activities, it is not a one-size-fits-all application. It is always tailored to the environments and the needs of the specific client.

The focus is to help businesses and organization articulate their medium to long term ambitions and translate them into actions in a manner that is growth-oriented and sustainable. To ensure that expected outcomes of any assignments we undertake are achieved, we remain facilitators and integral partners of the business or organization during the period and scope of each project, especially the implementation stage. Our intention is to give our clients the optimum value from our services.

Led by Dr. Ishmael Yamson (Chairman), Mr. Raymond Ackah (Chief Executive Officer), and Mr. Michael Yamson (Chief Operating Officer), we offer a deep reservoir of combined experience in corporate and business leadership to the management and leadership of businesses and organisations. We draw on practical experience and profound insights to drive growth, viability, and profitability.